DELUXE [summing + mix bus compression] KEYWORDS: POLISH + GLUE + PUNCH + SMOOTH + NEVE


DELUXE [summing + mix bus compression] KEYWORDS: POLISH + GLUE + PUNCH + SMOOTH + NEVE

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Deluxe summing of your stems or individual tracks is done with the NEVE 8816 summing mixer which uses the same transformer mixing topology as the classic 80 Series console, with two custom Carnhill transformers on the stereo mix bus output, giving your sound the warmth, punch and definition so sought after by virtually anyone who has touched a fader.

A classic compressor / limiter NEVE 33609 JD is patched across the mix bus. Its very smooth compression sound allows for extreme settings while staying relatively transparent, thus making it a top choice for use on the mix bus. The 33609 Stereo Compressor is often cited as a “desert island” compressor – one which a healthy sampling of the world’s top engineers and producers would choose above all others.


How do we proceed?

Export your audio tracks, individual or stems (44,1kHz / 48kHz / 96kHz) including all effects, volumes and automation.

Don't forget to label your files accordingly.

Send us an email at, stating SUMMING as the object, to get access to a dropbox folder where you can upload your files.

Once payment is made we will send you an uncompressed, high quality .wav or .aif of your stereo mix within 48 hours.

NOTE: Analog summing is part of the mixing process and although we can use (on demand) a stereo compressor / limiter on the mix bus, this process is not a mastering service. Thus the files delivered will have a healthy dose of headroom so your favourite mastering engineer can work comfortably.

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