A night to remember in Marseille with Etienne Tremblay @ 'La Machine à Mixer'

Last week Etienne Tremblay, a producer and audio engineer from Montreal, best known for his excellent educative blog and youtube channel 'La Machine à Mixer' (which is in french, and thus rare enough to mention it) was in Marseille for a day and a night...Etienne and Trombone player extraordinaire Blaise Maragall were in France for a series of masterclasses and well, I had the pleasure to spend a few hours drinking IPA, eating tapas, drinking red wine, listening to a charming italian woman singing traditional songs, drinking more wine and finally paying a visit to Pure Sound Studio and a bit of geeking out, drooling on some of the nice DIY pieces of gear Leonard Raiteri, the owner and operator of the place, built beautifully and skilfully...

If you happen to speak or understand french and don't know (yet) 'La Machine à Mixer' check the links below...DO IT! ;) 

Happy Holidays and Keep On Rocking in the Free World (while we still can)! Peace ;) W