Some production and mixing work I've done for french independent 'chanson française' songwriter Daniel Jumeau.

A few months ago I've worked on an album by french singer-songwriter Daniel Jumeau. When he contacted me asking me to produce, arrange and mix the record I felt it would be a real challenge because I had never worked with a 'chanson française' artist. Very different from what I usually produce. Worlds apart to be honest. But I knew it would be an interesting experience, one I would learn from. On the record I played pretty much all of the instruments with a few exceptions, I re-arranged the songs completely, programmed beats, engineered and mixed the 10 track album. What I've tried to do is to enhance what was already there, keep the music close to the lyrical content and bring something old and new at the same time sonically while respecting Daniel's own musical universe.  In the end it was fun to do and Daniel is a very honest writer and performer with a style of his own. Recently he got a publishing deal with David Sechan's 'Encore Merci Editions'. I wish him the best for what's ahead. 

Here's the single!